Make community consultation fun again!


Our Games, Your Outcomes

Our game solutions have been put together to ensure your organisation meets outcomes that range from inclusion, community, interaction, cultural, family, youth etc There is no point in hiring services that do not meet your organisations objectives. We help you look good!



  • Players of all ages and backgrounds will be able to play these. Participants can play with others or challenge themselves.


Play is a universal pastime found in all cultures.

  • Popular games are played all around the world.



  • Our games promote active movement and hand-eye co-ordination



  • These games are simple to learn yet can still be a challenge for even the most seasoned challenger



  • Strategy, encouragement, skill, enthusiasm, balance and laughter are all elements needed to achieve victory
  • Strengthen friendships, forge new ones and engage in friendly banter as teams make their mark in the toughest of silliest games.



  • Teams have the flexibility to create their own style of play
  • Fosters imaginative use of equipment and resources at hand



  • Grandparents teaching grandchildren the finer points of chess and checkers
  • Children being taught patience and counting with snakes and ladders
  • Using giant jenga blocks to build structures



  • Friends competing with one another with the giant connect 4
  • Groups of youngsters battling it out to see who has the steadiest hands in giant jenga
  • Tournaments bring out the best in players



  • Seniors engaging their minds in friendly yet serious games of checkers and chess
  • Wordsmiths practicing their craft with the giant word game



  • Giant games add to the carnival atmosphere with a WOW! factor
  • Fosters interaction between young and old, friends and acquaintances.Good for
  • Location and/or services Launches
  • Community Consultations
  • Community Festivals
  • Youth Week Events
  • Seniors Events
  • Multicultural Days
  • Awareness weeks and eventsGarden Games can provide consultation ideas for community playgrounds and active play areas