All work and no play makes jack a dull Boy.

Foster Team work and collaboration and co-operation

Give staff a break from their work to meet and engage with others

Brings managers and staff closer


Corporate events come in all shapes and types including

  • End of year break
  • Christmas Parties
  • Team Building days
  • Celebrations
  • Sales Promotions
  • Anniversaries
  • Launches
  • Events
  • Exhibition Break Out Spaces
  • Employee Family days
  • Office Foyer and Open Meet and Greet spaces
  • Open Days
  • Lunchtime and Social Competitions
  • Market Stall Holder Activities to attract customers


Office packages come with tournament spread sheets and presentable game instructions and challenges to get the staff in action.


Ideal for Human Resources to get their staff engaged in other aspects of colleague engagement whilst remaining on the company premises.


If corporate evening events, it promotes a distraction for those not drinking and fits in with all cultures and nationalities and abilities and ages.


A break from all day screentime yet still calculating in mind?!?!?! Great for finance types. An outlet for their neurons



Great for Office foyers to help break the ice between new visitors and provide entertainment for those who are waiting for meetings or interviews.


Something for kids to do if ever they have to come to mum or daddys office


Lots of foyers have art to look at but not much to engage with etc. Stand out from other office buildings


Lunchtime at work just got a bit more fun and stimulating when not working


Games look great when not played and even better when they are played!!



Great at exhibitions with various stall holders vying for attention. Our games will make you stand out and provide some engagement in a not heavy sales manner.


Great for break out areas and periods. Helps with breaking the ice between delegates


Custom game ideas and game branding ideas available to make you stand out


Family Fun Days

Games can be played at outdoor locations and venues and also inside offices


Fosters interaction between busy parents and attention seeking kids


More engaging than face painting and jumping castles etc.


Branding Opportunities

Have your logo or mission branded on our custom games. Stand out from the crowd and record high brand recognition. Launch parties or road shows, our games will have attract eyeballs, i.e. custom holey moleys, putt putt, cornhole bag toss etc.

We can assist with coming up with themed games to promote brand and services etc. electrical games for electrical companies, car games for automotive companies, construction, and many more.