Kids just love to play, and staff too at these previous locations:

  • Kogarah Carlton School OOSH
  • Crown Street Public School Surry Hills OOSH
  • Beauty Point Mosman OOSH
  • Darlinghurst Public School
  • Kensington Public School
  • Hornsby South Vacation Care
  • Squiggler After School and Vacation Care


Shoot for the sky with our DIY rocket station.

Budding astronauts will construct their own rockets using paper and sticky tape. The kids will then proceed to launch them into the sky via our air compressed rocket launchers. Using less pressure than a pram tyre, these rocket launchers will see them fly anywhere between 60-300 feet high into the sky.

Paper rockets are small and relatively simple to construct, and can achieve flight distances of 50 metres or more, enabling students to compete in terms of either height or distance, depending on the space available. Students can also be creative, designing visually appealing rockets or using different types of material. Making a paper rocket is the perfect way to have fun and learn plenty of physics at the same time.

Building paper rockets enables students to tie together many different concepts in physics – in particular, the equations of motion linking velocity, acceleration, distance and time, as well as the principles of aerodynamics. It also provides an exciting introduction to what it is like to be a scientist: designing a rocket from theoretical principles, carrying out an experiment by launching rockets, and finally analysing the results, drawing conclusions and identifying points for improvement for the future.

Kids will learn about rocket design, trajectories, countdowns, safety procedures, and have fun while doing it.

Options for Rocket activities include

Just shooting it in the air

Catching rockets

Aiming for designated targets

Longest Flight Time

Vote for best allrounder, most colourful, most unique


This is a supervised activity with 2 facilitators involved. One to help with the rocket construction and the other to assist with the launch pad area.

The rocket programme requires a minimum of 30m x 30m space free of obstructions.




Design, create and race your car to victory.

Our Derby Car Racer activity will see wannabe racers construct their race cars out of everyday items and race them down our purpose-built track.

Players will be supplied with empty matchboxes, discarded toilet rolls, paper clips, screws, washers, nuts and bolts.

The finished cars will race each other down a 4 lane 8mtr track complete with displays showing race times and placings.

Between 2-3 facilitators will assist with the construction of race cars and facilitating the races.